R260S Programmer can program the Motorola/Freescale 68HC912/MC912/MC9S12

microcontroller families, including the latest MC9S12X XGATE-based processor family. The system works as a in-circuit programmer, no needs to remove the chip from the target board nor lifting any pin. It connects to the board via serial connection by using only few wires and it works with secured chips, too. No matter if it is secured or not!

IMPORTANT!!! This interface can program any board that uses a HC12 , 9S12 or 9S12X series Motorola/Freescale secured and non secured microcontroller !!!!!!! THIS IS THE ORIGINAL and MOST RELIABLE ONE !!!!!!!! 

Be aware that some competitors are providing copies of this tool without the automatic learning algorithm making them really unsafe. Use them at your own risk! 

List of all car models covered for in-circuit programming by the programmer :

• BMW 1,3,5,6 Series CAS2 White (9S12) 
• BMW 1,3,5,6,X5 Series CAS3 Black (9S12) 
• BMW 1,3,5,6,X5 Series CAS3 Black ( 9S12X ) 
• BMW 7 Series CAS 2002 (HC12)
• BMW 7 Series CAS 2005 facelift (9S12) 
• BMW X3/X5 EWS4 (9S12) incl. 2007 version !!!New!!! (editing of EWS4's 9S12D64 now works)
• Ford Mustang 2007 (9S12) !!!New!!!
• Landrover Freelander 2002 (HC12) 
• Landrover Freelander 2004 (HC12) 
• Mercedes A-Class 2004 Key Module (9S12) 
• Mercedes C/CLK C209 ZGW (9S12) ** 
• Mercedes E/C W211 Key Module (HC12) ** 
• Mercedes E/C/CLK/SLK W211 Key Module (9S12) ** 
• Mercedes ML/R W164 Key Module (9S12) ** 
• Mercedes S/SL EZS R230 (9S12) **
• Mercedes Sprinter 2007 EZS (9S12) !!!New!!!
• Mini One/Cooper Dashboard (HC12) 
• Mini One/Cooper Dashboard NAVI (HC12) 
• Mini One/Cooper EWS4 (9S12) 
• Mini One/Cooper CAS3 Black ( 9S12X )
• Volkswagen Crafter 2007 EZS (9S12) !!!New!!!

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